6 Ways to Fit Running into Your Busy Schedule

November 14, 2022 Monica Boone for Rock the Block Run

How to Set a Running Schedule

Each week brings a new set of scheduling challenges. With work deadlines, getting the kids to their activities and planning all the things, we know that life is hectic so this week we are sharing six ways to fit running into a busy schedule.

Plan a Weekly Running Schedule

Think of your run as an appointment that you don’t want to miss. Plan what days you will run each week and put them in your calendar. Try not to cancel your running appointment unless you absolutely have to. Keeping a routine will help you get out there and run.

Before or After Work 

One of the best times to run is first thing in the morning when the rest of the world is quiet and you have an hour or so to yourself. A morning run (or any workout) sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you aren’t an early riser then try going for a run immediately after work. Swing by the park or a gym before heading home for the evening.

Run During Your Lunch Break

Another great way to squeeze in a run is during your lunch break. Have a route planned for 30-35 minutes and lunch ready to eat at your desk afterward. Running at lunch will also help you finish out your day strong.

Run With Your Family

Running doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Try getting your family together to go for a run. Train for a race with your significant other. Catch up with your sibling on the track at the gym. Play a game of tag with your kiddos and see how far you can run together.

First Thing Saturday

Kick off your weekend with a run. Hit the trails to enjoy some quiet time or run around your neighborhood. Most races start early enough on Saturday mornings to get your run in and then move on with your day.

Register for a Race

Signing up for a race will help motivate you to train and help keep you accountable to that training. Preparing to Rock It with us during Rock The Block would be a fantastic goal!

Monica, a former Center Grove High School runner, participates in 5K, 10K and other races. 

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