Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends

December 5, 2022 Monica Boone for Rock the Block Run

Stay Motivated During a Run

Take a minute and think back to the last big race you walked or ran. Do you remember seeing a poster with encouraging words or a witty saying? Were your friends and family cheering you on at different mile markers? You might not have thought about it in that moment but the crowd cheering was motivating you to do your best.

Here are some ways that those around you encourage and motivate you during a race.

  • Let’s face it, we all have times when we feel like throwing in the towel but when you hear someone in the crowd cheering for you it motivates you to keep going.

  • When you look out into the crowd to see your mom and brother cheering you on it motivates you to do your best. They motivate you to get out there and get after your goals.

  • Friends, family, coaches, fellow runners and the community are just excited as you are to be at races. They are excited to cheer you on as you do something that you enjoy. They can’t wait to hear about your race accomplishments.

  • One of the most exciting places for the crowd to cheer is at the finish line of a race. When the crowd is cheering and clapping as loud as they can at the finish line it motivates you to finish your race strong.

Here are some additional ways you can find or plan encouragement along the course:

  • Request your family and friends to be at key places around the race. During a 5k race that might be at every mile or for a longer race, it might be every 5 miles or so. Having friends and family spread out around the course will help stretch you to go for that extra mile.

  • Smiling relaxes you. Laugh at someone’s entertaining poster during the race or think about how great you will feel after completing the race. It’ll shift your mindset back to finishing the race strong.

  • Try to avoid negative thoughts. Don’t compare yourself to others around you on the course. Everyone else has different goals they are trying to reach. A race is a perfect place to focus on yourself.

  • Create a running mantra that you can say to yourself or think about while on the course. Your mantra will help you run or walk faster and longer.

Sometimes a little encouragement from spectators can make all the difference during a race. The happiness that you get from everyone’s support is amazing. 

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